Studio Policy


  1. Unless otherwise notified, the studio will open at 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.
  2. Students are required to arrive at the studio and be prepared to start their class on time. If a student is late, they may be asked to wait outside the studio (at the door so they are visible) until the instructor indicates that they can enter and join the class.
  3. Please do not interrupt a class in progress. Parents are asked to wait in the waiting area for their child unless they have made arrangements with the instructor, or in case of an emergency.
  4. No gum is permitted in the studio.
  5. Only water in water bottles is permitted in the studio. Food or drinks other than water are not allowed in the studio, but are acceptable in the waiting area. They can be enjoyed and stored with your personal items in the waiting area.
  6. All students are required to clean up after themselves. Please take all personal items with you when you leave the studio at the end of your class, and dispose of any food waste, packaging, etc in the waiting area.
  7. If a student is unable to attend a class because of sickness or personal reasons, the student or student’s parent must call the studio to speak with the Administrator or leave a message so the School is informed.

Lost and Found Policy

Items lost and found at Northern Lights School of Dance will be kept for a period of six weeks in a bin in the waiting area. If items are not claimed in this six-week period, they will be donated to charity.

Cold Weather Policy

Northern Lights School of Dance will cancel classes if the temperature is - 40C or colder.

If at 8:00 a.m. the temperature is -40C or colder, all classes are cancelled for the day.

NLSD uses the website below to determine the weather:

While NLSD will attempt to contact every student and ask that public announcements be made about any cancellations, we urge students and parents to contact the School (at 668-6683) to confirm the status of classes if you have any doubt. We will up-date our voice mail with any cancellations.

Dance Attire

Proper attire and grooming is considered to be an essential part of dance training and helps the dancer feel correctly prepared for his or her class. In addition, the required dancewear and colors selected assist our instructors by enabling them to focus more on body line, muscle movement etc.

  1. Hair must be secured back off the face and neck for all classes.
  2. No jeans, boxer shorts, long shirts or sock feet will be permitted in class.
  3. Students can wear small pieces of jewellery, but no chunky or dangling jewellery is allowed.
  4. Students who are inappropriately dressed may not be permitted to participate in class.

Required Dress for Classes

Ballet (Girls)

  • Pink ballet slippers with elastic across the top of the foot
  • Pint pointe shoes for pointe class
  • Pink tights
  • Black tank leotard
  • Tight shorts or ballet skirt (optional)
  • Hair must be secured back off the face and neck in a bun

Ballet (Boys)

  • White T-shirt
  • Black shorts or pants
  • Black ballet slippers with elastic across the top of the foot


  • Black jazz shoes – preferably not jazz runners
  • Black leotard
  • Black jazz pants or shorts
  • Dancers may wear a fitted t-shirt or tank


  • Tap shoes
  • Solid colour leotard with black jazz pants


  • Solid dark leotard
  • Footless tights or leggings
  • ¾ length pants – optional
  • Black shorts - optional


  • Comfortable clothing; no jeans
  • Indoor, non-marking running shoes or Jazz shoes/runners

Class Observations

Viewing days are scheduled throughout the year and students/parents will be advised of the dates. All visitors are welcome to observe classes during these dates. Outside of the designated viewing days, classes may be observed only with the permission of the instructor.

Student Progress Reports

Instructors are always happy to discuss a student’s progress with parents. Parents and students are invited to contact the Artistic Director and/or the Principal for details of the curriculum for each class.

All parents and students are asked to review our Policy Handbook at time of registration. The Handbook provides valuable information regarding registration, fees, refunds, school discipline and expectations. Click on the link below to print or view a full copy of the Policy Handbook.

Download Policy Handbook (PDF)

If you have any questions, please contact the studio at 668-6683 or by email at We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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