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2018 Summer Programs

Northern Lights School of Dance is currently accepting registration for the 2018 Summer Programs.

Dance Intensives

Nutcracker Bootcamp

If you have any questions regarding class placement, or about registration generally, please contact our office at or call 668-6683.

To register for any of our programs, please complete the registration form and return it to our studio at which time arrangements for payment can be made.

Download Registration Form (PDF)

2018-19 Fall Registration

For current students of NLSD, registration will open for the September 2018 intake in the month of April, prior to the September start. New students can register after May 1st. Registration will not be confirmed until all the necessary paperwork and full payment, or a first payment, is received. If paying by monthly installments, registration is not considered complete until all post-dated cheques are received for the entire year.

There will be no “held spots” for dancers. If dancers wish to obtain a spot they must register for the class and pay tuition, or a portion thereof depending on their payment plan. Students will not be eligible for registration until fees from the previous season have been paid or there is a payment plan for past fees signed by the Artistic Director of NLSD and the student or his/her parents or guardian as appropriate.

An annual registration fee of $50 dollars is also due upon registration. This fee covers the cost of mailings, handbooks, office fees, and the wage for the student administration position, etc. The fee may be split between families for those that are co-parenting. The fee may be added to payment plans, if requested.

Download Registration Form (PDF)

Incentive for Early Registration and Early and/or Complete Tuition Payment

Those students registering between April and the end of May for classes starting in September, who pay fees in one lump sum by the end of May, will receive a 10% discount.

Those students registering between April and the end of May, for classes starting in September, who pay half of their tuition or one monthly payment by the end of May, will receive a 5% discount

Students who have tuition or fees outstanding from the previous year do not qualify for this discount. If students pay outstanding balances from the year before prior to the end of May, and also complete registration for their new-year classes by the end of May, then they are entitled to the 5% discount.

Tuition and Additional Fees

Tuition is charged from September to May for many classes. There are a few classes that begin in January and for these classes tuition, or a first tuition instalment, is due in January.

For classes lasting over multiple months, full payment, three equal payments, two equal payments or monthly payments are acceptable. If monthly payments are being made, payments are due on the 1st of each month.

Besides tuition, membership and registration fees, other fees may be charged during the course of the dance year. For example: costume fees; performance fees; and, audition fees. These fees are due according to dates set by NLSD staff or the Board of Directors.

Late Registration Fee

A late registration fee of $50.00 will apply to students who register after the first day of any class. The late fee will not apply to those individuals who move to town and register at NLSD after the first day of class.

Tuition in Arrears

A payment plan is required for those students who are two months in arrears with tuition and fee payments. The payment plan is to be signed by the student (if over 18), or his/her parents or guardian and the Artistic Director of NLSD.

If the payment plan is not being met, the matter will be referred to the Board of Directors for discussion during a regular board meeting where there is quorum. The discussion will focus on the course of action to be taken, including possible termination of enrolment. During such a discussion a recommended course of action, made by the Artistic Director, would be taken into consideration by the Board of Directors.

Board members with a family member in this situation are required to abstain from the decision making process.

Cheques Returned due to Insufficient Funds

There will be a late payment fee of $25.00 for every cheque returned due to insufficient funds. NLSD will no longer accept cheques from individuals who have written 3 cheques that are returned due to insufficient funds.

Viable Numbers per Class

The number of students that are required to make a class viable is 8. If, by September 15th/January 31st, there are not 8 students registered in a given class, that class may be cancelled with a full refund going to the registered dancers.

Before the class is cancelled, the staff of NLSD may contact the dancers, or their parents or guardians, to offer to run the class if all dancers are willing to divide the cost attributed to the missing dancers evenly. For example, if there are only 6 dancers then the cost of the remaining 2 dancers will be divided evenly amongst the 6 dancers. This extra cost will be added to each of the 6 dancers’ tuition for the class.

The one exception to this general rule is ballet point class. Because there is a limited amount of students who are physically and mental ready to take point, classes will naturally be smaller. The tuition for these classes will generally be more expensive to mitigate costs.

Maximum Number per Class and Waiting Lists

The maximum number of students per class changes according to many variables, including studio space and teacher/assistant teacher availability and experience. If a class is at maximum capacity, a waiting list will be established on a first come first serve basis and dancers may be asked to join the class if a spot becomes available.

The waiting list is only valid until September 30th/January 31st, after which time students will not be admitted into classes. This policy is in place because, generally, by a month into class students in a given class have advanced in their technique to a point that it is unlikely a new dancer could “catch-up” without the teacher having to reteach techniques, thus delaying the development of other dancers.

Withdrawals and Refunds

In no circumstance are membership and registration fees refundable except for cases where primary students are not seen to be ready for dance and are given a credit for the following year.

With respect to tuition, if students choose not to take a class after attending two weeks (cease attending mid-September or mid-January for classes being in those months), they are required to pay tuition for the month of September/January but will not be charged for the remainder of the year. Up until September 30th /January 31st, dancers may withdraw from class and will receive a full refund for the remainder of the months leading to May.

If students withdraw from class or switch classes between October 1st and November 30th then they are required to pay for 3 month of the class.

If students withdraw from class between December 1st and March 1st they are required to pay for 6 months of the class.

If students withdraw from class after March 1st then they are required to pay the entire cost of the yearly class. After March 1st, tuition becomes fully non-refundable.

Switching Classes

There will be no switching classes after September 30th/January 31st.

Situations Where a Refund Will Be Offered

If a dancer is injured and a doctor’s note is provided, a refund for the remainder of the class may be granted pending a decision of the Artistic Director. In making the decision, the Artistic Director will take into account whether the injury has a significant impact on the student’s ability to train.

If a dancer is promoted to a more senior class, he/she may switch classes and only pay the difference between the classes, if any.


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