Primary Ballet Program

Research shows that movement, a multi-sensory environment, and the creation of caring and supportive relationships are crucial to healthy brain development. Our primary ballet program introduces the concepts of time, space, direction, and weight through directed play, story-telling, improvisation and set exercises that encourage creative movement.

We offer classes at different times during the week so families can find the time that works best for them. Due to the high level of interest shown for this program, we ask that dancers in primary classes register for only one dance class per week (unless the second dance class does not have a waiting list and has not yet reached the class registration maximum after the first week of the dance session).

Northern Lights School of Dance offers three levels of primary ballet to pre-school children based on their age. These classes are very popular and we recommend that you register early to ensure space is available.

For greater flexibility, we offer a Winter Semester and a Spring Semester for the Green and Orange Classes for children age 3/4 and the Red and Yellow Classes for children age 4/5. You can register for one semester or both!

NLSD will also be offering its First Steps Ballet class again for children ages 6 and 7. This class is designed as a bridge between our Primary and Beginner Programs. The First Steps class will have less directed play and storytelling, and more set exercises, but not yet have the full expectation of a proper ballet class. Students will also be introduced to the more high energy locomotors skills needed for jazz technique.

Green Class – Ages 3 and 4 Winter Semester (Sep - Dec)

Green Class – Ages 3 and 4 Spring Semester (Jan - May)

Orange Class – Ages 3 and 4 Winter Semester (Sept - Dec)

Orange Class – Ages 3 and 4 Spring Semester (Jan - May)

Red Class – Ages 4 and 5 Winter Semester (Sep - Dec)

Red Class - Ages 4 and 5 Spring Semester (Jan - May)

Yellow Class – Ages 4 and 5 Winter Semester (Sep - Dec)

Yellow Class – Ages 4 and 5 Spring Semester (Jan - May)

Purple Class Ages 5 and 6

Blue Class – Ages 5 and 6

First Steps Ages 6 and 8

Class Description

Our young dancers take their first steps into a more formal dance class structure with an increased emphasis on ballet and jazz technique.

Important Notes

Year End Recital

Northern Lights School of Dance will be producing a year-end recital in May and all students enrolled are invited to participate.

Parents of children enrolled in the primary ballet program must decide if the year-end recital is appropriate for their child as it will involve extra rehearsals and late evenings during the performance.

Please confirm your child’s participation in the Year End recital by January 31 of the current dance year.


Northern Lights School of Dance is currently accepting registration for its 2016 - 2017 Winter Program. Information on how to register, including a downloadable registration form, is available at Registration and Fees.


Please contact our office at for more information or questions with respect to program content or level placement.


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