Intermediate Dance Program - Accelerate Training Program

Our Intermediate Accelerated Training Program is for dancers who want an intensive training experience alongside full school academic days. Dancers must have completed the Elementary curriculum in ballet to enter the Intermediate Accelerated Program.


  • Dancers are required to take a minimum of two ballet classes per week along with Repertoire and two complimentary dance classes such as Jazz, Modern and/or Acro.
  • Optional Classes include Pointe, Tap, Urban, Stretch & Strengthen.

Tuition fees for the accelerated intermediate dance program start at $2,505.00 which includes the cost of the basic package of two 1.5 hour ballet classes, repertoire and two complimentary dance classes for a total of 5 classes (including repertoire).

Northern Lights School of Dance offers the following classes in our Intermediate Dance Program:

(For class descriptions and pre-requisites click on the name of the class above)

Intermediate Ballet

Class Description

Ballet, one of the most beautiful and graceful of all dance styles is strongly rooted in tradition. Ballet can be used as a basis for all dance styles as its techniques and discipline demand a high level of performance, athleticism and ability for both males and females.

Pointe 2

Class Description

Basic pointe exercises supported by the barre to strengthen ankles, increase ankle and leg mobility and improve balance. Pointe shoes are required.


  • 12 years of age
  • Instructor’s approval after foot and leg examination
  • 2 years of previous dance training
  • Dancers must be enrolled in 2 ballet classes

Intermediate Modern

Class Description

Modern dance encourages dancers to use their emotions and moods to design their own steps and routines. It is not unusual for modern dancers to invent new steps for their routines, instead of following a structured code of technique, as in ballet.

Intermediate Jazz

Class Description

Accelerated Intermediate Jazz takes classic jazz technique and introduces the stylistic components urban dance. Using the urban influence of isolation and strength, jazz technique involves into a more grounded and powerful dance form. This style is most often seen in commercial dance avenues such as music videos, concerts, dance movies, and television.

Acro 2

Class Description

Acro dance combines classical dance technique with gymnastics. Students will learn to blend athleticism and choreography to create acrobatic dance as seen in competitive dance, professional dance theater and contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.

Urban (combined level class)

Class Description

Urban dance is one of the most highly energetic and rapidly evolving styles in dance today. A street style of dance, it is a fusion of dance styles developed from several cultures, including jazz, rock, tap and American and Latino cultures.

Tap 2 (combined level class)

Class Description

Tap is a rhythmical dance form that involves making rhythm with tap shoes to the sound of music. Tap dancing is a combination of the sophisticated African-American rhythms and the exuberance of Irish step dancing. Elements of ballet, jazz, ballroom and street dancing have found their place in tap repertoire. Tap dancing develops musicality and rhythm, co-ordination, and helps build a technically stronger dancer. This dance will allow you to improve your memory skills while increasing your cardio vascular strength and muscle tone.

Stretch & Strengthen

Class Description

This is a combined level class where students will be guided in stretches and strengthening exercise to compliment and enhance their dancing and help prevent injuries.


Class Description

Northern Lights School of Dance is often involved in community performances and needs a team of dedicated dancers committed to learning well-rehearsed choreography. All dancers selected for Repertoire must have good class attendance, work ethic and discipline to be eligible.


Please contact our office at for more information or questions with respect to program content or level placement.


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