Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school located?

The address is 27-14th Avenue in Whitehorse, Yukon. NLSD is in Porter Creek, located behind the Guild Theatre.

What time does the studio open?

The studio opens at 3:00 p.m., Monday to Friday when classes are running, unless otherwise notified.

When should I drop off and pick up my child?

Students may be dropped off any time between five and fifteen minutes prior to the start of their class. They should be picked up as soon as possible after their class is finished. NLSD does not have staff to supervise children waiting for pick up. Please come into the school to pick up your child, in order to prevent unaccompanied children in the parking lot.

When is the office open?

The studio opens at 3:00 p.m. and a NLSD staff member will be available until classes start at 4:00 p.m. NLSD is a non-profit organization and has limited resources for office hours. In addition to regular office hours between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays, NLSD provides additional office hours during the week based on volunteer availability. Please see the Contact Us web page for current office hours.

What is the best way to communicate with the Northern Lights School of Dance?

Email or phone calls are the best way to reach us. For all contact information for the school, check out the Contact Us web page.

Is there a winter temperature cut off for classes?

Northern Lights School of Dance will cancel classes if the temperature is - 40C or colder. If at 8:00 a.m. the temperature is -40C or colder, all classes are cancelled for the day. NLSD uses the website below to determine the weather:

While NLSD will attempt to contact every student and will ask that public announcements be made about any cancellations, we urge students and parents to contact the School (at 668-6683) to confirm the status of classes if there are any doubts. We will up-date our voice mail with any cancellations.

How are decisions made as to what dance levels children are placed in?

Decisions are based on a mix of criteria including age, skill development and years of training completed. Once placed in a level, dancers will likely remain there for a few years rather than moving to a higher level immediately. This is due to the extensive curriculum within each level. If you have questions regarding class placement or wish to enroll you child but are unsure of their level, please contact the Artistic Director at

What is the standard of dress and expected hair styling?

Proper attire and grooming is considered to be an essential part of dance training and helps the dancer feel correctly prepared for his or her class. In addition, the required dance wear and colors selected assist our instructors by enabling them to focus more on body line, muscle movement, etc.

  1. Hair must be secured back off the face and neck for all classes.
  2. No jeans, boxer shorts, long shirts or sock feet will be permitted in class.
  3. Students can wear small pieces of jewellery, but no chunky or dangling jewellery is allowed.
  4. Students who are inappropriately dressed may not be permitted to participate in class.

For specific recommendations on dress, please see our studio policy.

Who is the Northern Lights School of Dance?

The Northern Lights School of Dance is a non-profit organization that operates under a Board consisting of members of the Society. With the exception of our artistic team, NLSD is operated by volunteers.

Are parents expected to volunteer?

While volunteering is not mandatory for parents, it is greatly appreciated. NLSD could not produce its annual production of The Nutcracker or its Year End Show without the support of its volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering (back stage, steaming costumes, etc) please keep an eye out for a call for volunteers as performance time approaches!)

NLSD also relies on volunteers to sit on the Board of Directors as well as work in our office and carry out many of the other functions that allow NLSD to maintain operations. If you are interested in becoming more involved with NLSD or wish to volunteer, please contact the office at

Are parents expected to fund raise?

Fundraising is not mandatory but greatly appreciated! In order to continue to offer high quality programming with well qualified instructors, as well as keep registration and costume fees reasonable, NLSD relies on its fundraising efforts. NLSD tries to keep its fundraising demands to a minimum.

Can parents join the Board?

Yes! NLSD's annual general meeting is held in the early fall, immediately after classes begin for the new season. If you’re interested in joining the Board, please email

What are the expectations for performance week for Northern Lights School of Dance students and parents/guardians?

Year-End Performance

Performance week is an extremely busy week. NLSD aims to be as organized as possible and distribute schedules and information well in advance whenever possible. We appreciate the patience required to handle any schedule changes, and ask that students be flexible when required. Backstage is very busy, so NLSD asks that (unless you are volunteering backstage or you are a parent of a very young dancer) you depart the area once your child has joined their class. Each class will be assigned one or two parents to assist children on and off stage, as well as with their costumes. Younger dancers should arrive at the performance venue with their hair and makeup done. All dancers will have their hair in a ballet “bun” unless otherwise instructed by their teacher. There is to be nothing in their hair other than what they are instructed about or receive from NLSD. All dancers are to enter the venue through the Stage Door at the rear of the building. A running order of the show is posted throughout the venue. All dancers who wish to watch the performance in the theatre must have a ticket.

Tech Rehearsal

All dancers are required to attend the Tech Rehearsal at the performance venue. The show is in order, as it will run during performances. This is a rehearsal only, without costumes, so proper dance attire is required. This rehearsal gives the dancers a feel for the stage and helps those who are new to performing feel more comfortable and confident. However, all dancers should be aware that the priority in this rehearsal are the technical elements of the performance, so there may be stops during the run, dancers may be asked to repeat their dance, and technical adjustments may be made. It is a busy rehearsal for everyone ‘behind the scenes’, so patience and quiet (no talking on stage!) are required.

Dress Rehearsal

A full dress rehearsal in costume and make-up, on stage at the venue. Call times are provided in advance, all dancers are expected to arrive on time and younger dancers will be instructed to arrive with hair and makeup done. Backstage is very busy, so NLSD asks that (unless you are volunteering backstage or you are the parent of a very young dancer) you depart the area once your child has joined their class.

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