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Northern Lights School of Dance is moving towards a new direction! Our mission is committed to ensuring the very best in dance instruction while providing memorable performance opportunities for students of all ages and abilities. We strive to provide a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable dance experience, for recreational, program stream students, professional dancers and our audiences. We undertake to promote and implement the philosophy that dance is another way of walking.

Our students are given instruction that is competitive and relevant in the current Canadian artistic context. Our instructors receive regular professional development training to maintain their skills and remain current in the ever changing dance milieu.

We offer programs that advance according to competencies rather than age. This ensures that both recreational and full program students meet their needs to strive towards their personal artistic goals.


As a community-based organization, Northern Lights School of Dance has a strong sense of responsibility to fulfill all aspects of our mandate:

  • To contribute to the development of artistic expression, the arts, and the artistic community in the Yukon.
  • To give our students and audiences an appreciation for dance and its place within the community.
  • To develop the whole person through dance - their physical, artistic, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual being.
  • To provide a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable environment where students and teachers can achieve their maximum potential.
  • To create a balanced approach to learning, applying knowledge and living
  • To prepare and train emerging artists for the reality of the arts world.

Through the arts we hope to create well rounded citizens of the Yukon, who will be capable and competent representatives of themselves, to the community or in the world at large.

Sky’s the limit to our potential!

Volunteer Board Of Directors

NLSD is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. The current Board was elected at the AGM held September 10, 2014 and is composed of the following individuals:

President: Jody Burton
Vice-President: Kerri Fernandes
Treasurer: Karen Aylwin
Secretary: Valerie Holmes
Directors: Lesley Gardiner-Falle, Shannon Rhames, Marie Helene Gagne

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  2. NLSD Year End Recital Darryl Bray 02-May-2016
  3. NLSD Annual General Meeting Darryl Bray 18-Sep-2015

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